My Story

After more than a decade’s career in content, communications, and branding, both my fate and I decided to call a quit and claim the independence that is productive, liberating and dignified at the same time.  I am aware that there is nothing perfect in this world, but I maintain the day we stop chasing for the best, and stop learning, we are as good as the dead. I am happy but not done yet with this amazing life.

As a person, I am kind, resourceful, and assertive. I believe in technology and a proud “nationalist” — My politics is love.

Design © Linda Ashok, Jan 2020
Design © Linda Ashok, Jan 2020

What do you do for a living? 

To live, I founded Brand Happiness®, which is a 100% original, on-demand, on-time, industry agnostic, full-stack creative content, copy, & communications agency. I also offer guest posting services and write for high DA websites.

To thrive, I write poetry. I am the author of whorelight, Hawakal 2017, and the founder of RLFPA Editions OPC Pvt Ltd—South-Asia’s only woman-run poetry publication house.