How You Stop being Washed Ashore, Dead?

23 million salmon dying off its coast.

1000s of dead sardines washed up.

Scores of beached clams, dead jellyfish, birds and even mammals.

According to a study led by researchers at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in the US, “dead zones” in coastal areas across the globe have increased tenfold since 1950. That’s some shocking data, right? In a farfetched analogy, this is a result of humankind trapped in their own dead zones. Every minute, millions of people around the globe complain of anxiety issues. The death of #AnthonyBourdain engulfed in emotional crisis, the news of his death washed ashore took the world by surprise.

Many wonder let us first overcome our own crisis and we’ll think of the world. But I am sure, our crises do not exist in silos. We are so interdependent despite we earning our own breads and paying our own bills.

Can we do something, so that we are stopped being washed ashore, dead? Can we tap that one moment of light when we wake up and feed our darkness to support a cause? I tried this, and when I do so, I am able to pass everyday conflicts as inconsequential. I feel better. #InspirePost #Mentalhealth #Failures