When Noether didn’t ask for Credit, Einstein did!

Have you heard of Emmy Noether?  She is regarded as the “mother of modern mathematics because she was a prolific revolutionary; she allowed scholars to use her work without credit. Because of her intellectual generosity, she is honorarily listed as a coauthor of contemporary math articles—often in fields that have only a cursory affiliation with her work. A dark side Lunar crater is named for her, as well as an asteroid in the Solar System’s main belt.” AllThatsInteresting

But at workplace or in everyday life when we are not credited for the work we do, we are extremely dejected. What is the solution then? We can certainly be cautious the next time from sharing our ideas indiscreetly but what do we do at the very moment?

How about rising above the loss with a belief that this is not going to limit you and take it as your fuel for compounding even brighter #ideas? #InspirePost#Failure #NoetherTheorem #DueCredit