Way to Promote yourself when Appraisal Fails you!

This is a crucial part of the year when companies are reviewing performances and signing appraisals.  For some, the process is already complete, for some, it will close by early next month.

For professionals still waiting,their anxiety is at peak. Those who had it, are either happy or upset and plan to do better for the next cycle. What I am trying to achieve here is a very simple thing. I want professionals to not be cowed down if their promotion isn’t taking place.

Particularly those who await a promotion and are rejected on the basis of educational degree (which many companies insist), take it as your beginning and look up for people like Anne Mulcahy from Xerox, Ken Chenault from American Express, Larry Fink from BlackRock, Peter Thiel from PayPal, and notwithstanding Ritesh Agarwal from OYO and the likes.

Focus on your learning, how much you have learned and how much more you can. Your workplace is a paid opportunity to learn. Learning opportunities are open and you can always start if you deem so, but what is important to consider are lessons life offered you and how you  let them shape your career and who you want to be. #CheerUp #InspirePost #LessonsofLife