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A must read if you are concerned about my short job stints.

You may be wondering how I have changed so many organizations at very short intervals. And if it is so, good that I have an opportunity to answer it before you invite me for a face-to-face interview which saves both of our time.

So, in 2006, when I started working, it wasn’t a career for me but a compulsion. I hope you realize what it means to be a breadwinner for a family of four with simultaneous obligation toward the self in terms of education. I worked graveyard shifts and regular graduation classes. I worked approximately three years with BNKe Solutions until a day came when INR 9000 didn’t suffice the increasing house-rent, my college fees, my brother’s education, along with everyday expense.

I was aware of my capabilities and therefore took up my next offer in 2009 with IBM Daksh for a meager hike in salary. I loved working with IBM as much with BNKe, and I learned a great deal from these companies. While in IBM, my voice trainer suggested that it is important to be market-ready and that prompted me to recalibrate my market-readiness, and when I got a call from a consultancy firm in Hyderabad, I took it up on my stride.

So, in 2010, I got selected by Bank of America in Hyderabad. The operations manager fell in love with my zeal for life and expedited my recruitment. I was offered the role of a sub-prime mortgage counselor helping in soft recovery. I was awarded the bronze PAN India for maximum impact and monetary turnover. I cherish my experience with BoA for their people-centric approach and warmth toward employees. They also helped me landfill my family debts.

In 2013, I left BoA on account of mental health; it occurred to me that whatever I have been through all the years were adjustments with life, or necessary hustles to prepare me for a career I am meant for by my creative abilities. I wanted to build a career in content, communications, and branding, and today you are reading this because you have found me a potential candidate for your organization’s professional requirement.

Leaving BoA wasn’t easy. As I grew up and was able to take care of my family’s financial obligations, salary ceased to be my motivation. When I left BoA, I jumped from a tall compensation package to a quarter of it to gain experience on paper because, in India, our culture isn’t as progressive to offer someone a role by their natural abilities but something on papers. I worked with GenY Medium, ADP, and AP Film Chamber (where I directed a campaign that generated 11 crores for rehabilitating the victims of 2014 Hud Hud calamity) till Deloitte US India took notice in 2015 and invited me for an interview.

At Deloitte, I worked with amazing people; particularly the ones who interviewed me. Although I was informed that the role was for six months only, I took it up and never regretted for I learned so much. It was like my creative spirit was granted anatomy in the space of internal communications and branding. Working with 60 stakeholders, communicating deliverables on tight deadlines to each vertical, it remains one of my best experiences that also helped me regain the compensation I left at BoA.

From there, after six months, I moved to work with ArthaYantra (AY) as an Assistant Manager in Content Marketing responsible for their total content requirement from product department to HR.  AY was a startup, and despite its noble ambition in the space of financial robo-advisory, financial challenges were impacting their human resource. While at the work front, I enjoyed working on my deliverables and reporting to the VP cum Human Resource Manager, I was apprehensive of any negative financial impact on my estranged family.

While on it, in 2016, I got a call from Avani/Ceipal. They were a CMMI-Level 3 company looking for someone who could set up their content and communications department. I accepted the offer; joined as a manager reporting to the CEO and later to the CPO and executed all responsibilities from my learnings from Deloitte US-India. Now when things were looking bright and beautiful, I was awarded a fellowship in Creative Writing by the University of Chichester, the Charles Wallace Trust in India, and The British Council.

The Charles Wallace Fellowship was a 3-month fully funded residency offered to three writers from India a given year. Given that the kind of role I was in had no onsite opportunity, and it was already 11 years of work life with no idea of the world, I grabbed the fellowship with no second thought. I left Avani/Ceipal in Feb 2017 with the belief that no great company would refuse to work with me on account of this fellowship but rather value it.

With the fellowship, traveled all of the UK, Scotland, the Netherlands, Germany, and France. This opportunity helped me understand the scope of life and the impact that I am capable of making at so many levels. I came back and started freelancing till I was sure that I would land a job with a mature organization and that happened in Oct 2017. I joined Zycus as a Manager in Content-Marketing role delivering to every content requirement. And now you can see that in Zycus I am over a year and a few months.

You see, not everyone is born with a silver spoon. There are reasons why people move on, break their comfort zones, and aim to participate in an environment that facilitates an inclusive growth of the self and society. Besides all that I shared above, I am also India’s only woman-run poetry publication house. As a poet, I would like to quote the words of Mark Strand (and if you wish to read the poem), “I move to keep things whole.