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I am 32 and zealous about creative practices that bring out the best of people, processes, and programs. With 12 years of experience in content, communications, and branding with Fortune 100 & 500s and a few startups, I feel strongly about language and believe in its transformational powers. As language for me is the offspring of a community; I use it to better communications and be an indispensable resource to the people who are a scaffolding change and making room to invite future in conversation with the present.

Careerwise, I started early on as a call-center executive with the intent to rectify my pronunciation and be a better speaker. Those who heard me then are now curious about the change I’ve been able to bring to impact communication both in terms of matter and delivery. From such humble beginnings to this day, I’ve never been afraid of challenges (given childhood hardships) and leverage such fearlessness to the advantage of personal and professionals relations. My goal is to inspire the generation next and show them how to move the cheese from their own plate of privilege to the ones so deserving.

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Corporate Communications | Copy & Content Writing/Editing | Creative Visualization | Social Media Marketing | Content Management | Leadership Advisory & Branding | Eminence Portfolio | Process/Team Development & Mentorship | Policy Drafting & Development | Corporate Social Responsibility | Employee Engagement & Motivation  | Program Management | WordPress Site Development | Public Relations & Reputation Management

WORK EXPERIENCE (NOV 2006- till date)


ZYCUS | Oct 2017 – till date

In this 1000-employee strong company, I lead the space in content creation for the marketing section since Oct 2017. I primarily contribute to blogs, thought-leadership pieces, whitepapers, and media content for various channels of marketing. I work with a team of 60 professionals taking care of four major markets across US, UK, Europe, and APAC regions. Read my blog pieces for Zycus here.



AVANI / CEIPAL Solutions Private Ltd. | July 2016 – February 2017

In this 130-employee strong company, I led the space in corporate-communications since July 2016. I identified/created opportunities aligned to company’s goals, got CEO’s approvals to act and implement ideas, track and simulate successful campaigns in the recruitment industry and a lot more. Setting up an in-house agency was one of her professional goals, and I got to fulfill that with a 6-member-team and cross-departmental support. From writing white papers to policy drafting & development, eminence branding to ad copy, email marketing to content development for anything that has got to help the business grow, I was able to set a road map for the team to go autopilot. I was also a part of their in-house CSR (corporate social responsibility). 

REASON OF LEAVING: I was awarded the 2017 Charles Wallace India Trust Fellowship by the University of Chichester, UK (March-June 2017)


Avani/Ceipal | Nov 2016 – Feb 2017

ArthaYantra Pvt. Ltd | Oct 2015 – June 2016

Deloitte US-India | March  2015 – Sep 2015

AP Film Chamber of Commerce | Oct 2014 – Jan 2015

Gen Y Medium| April 2014 – Sep 2014

ADP | April 2013 – Feb 2014

Bank of America | April 2010 – Feb 2013

IBM Daksh | June 2009 – Feb 2010

BNKe Solutions Pvt. Ltd | Nov 2006 – June 2009


2005- 2009: Rabindra Bharati University Kolkata, India

Bachelor Of Arts: English Honours


A must read if you are concerned about my short job stints.

You may be wondering how I have changed so many organizations at very short intervals. And if it is so, good that I have an opportunity to answer it before you invite me for a face-to-face interview which saves both of our time.

So, in 2006 when I started working, it wasn’t a career for me but a compulsion. I hope you realize what it means to be a breadwinner for a family of four with simultaneous obligation toward the self in terms of education. I worked graveyard shifts and regular graduation classes. I worked approximately three years with BNKe Solutions until a day came when INR 9000 didn’t suffice for increasing house-rent, my college fees, my brother’s education, and everyday expense. Also, due to the onset of the recession, people were laid off.

I was aware of my capabilities and therefore took up my next offer in 2009 with IBM Daksh for a meager hike in salary. I loved working with IBM as much with BNKe, and I learned a great deal from these companies. So while I was working with IBM, a year later, I got a call from a consultancy firm for job opportunities in Hyderabad. In IBM, my voice trainer suggested that it is important to be market-ready and it was that statement which ideally prompted me to go for the interview.

In 2010, I got selected by Bank of America in Hyderabad. The operations manager fell in love with my zeal for life and expedited my recruitment. I was offered the role of a sub-prime mortgage counsellor helping in soft recovery. I was awarded the bronze PAN India for maximum impact and monetary turnover. Oh those days, I cherish my experience with BoA for their people-centric approach and warmth toward employees. They also helped me landfill my family debts.

In 2013, I left BoA on account of mental health; it occured to me that whatever I have been through all the years were adjustments with life, or necessary hustles to prepare me for a career I am meant for by virtue of my creative persona. I wanted to build a career in content, communications, and branding and today you are reading this because you have found me as a potential candidate for your organization’s professional requirement.

Leaving BoA wasn’t easy. Once I fulfilled every financial responsibility, salary ceased to be my motivation. When I left BoA, I jumped from a tall compensation package to a quarter of it to gain experience on paper because organizations still go by papers. During this journey, I worked with GenY Medium, ADP, and AP Film Chamber (where I directed a campaign that generated 11 crores for rehabilitating the victims of 2014 Hud Hud calamity) till Deloitte US India took notice in 2015 and invited me for an interview.

At Deloitte, I worked with amazing people; particularly the ones who interviewed me. Although I was informed that the role was for six months only, I took it up and never regretted for I learned so much. It was like my creative spirit was granted an anatomy in the space of internal communications and branding. I also regained the compensation I left at BoA.

From there, after six months, I moved to work with ArthaYantra (AY) as an Assistant Manager in Content Marketing responsible for their total content requirement from product department to HR.  AY was a startup, and despite its noble ambition in the space of financial robo-advisory, there were financial challenges impacting their human resource. While at the work front I enjoyed working on my deliverables and reporting to the VP cum Human Resource Manager, I was apprehensive of any negative financial impact on my estranged family.

While on it, in 2016, I got a call from Avani/Ceipal. They were a CMMI-Level 3 company looking for someone who could set up their content and communications department. I accepted the offer; joined as a manager reporting to the CEO and later to the CPO and executed the responsibility from my learnings from Deloitte US-India. Now when things were looking bright and beautiful, I revised my priorities and wanted to have an onsite experience in the domain of communications and branding.

Meantime, my brother, Donnie Ashok, completed his education from a premier law college. While he took charge of my parents and I was offered a fellowship in Creative Writing by the University of Chichester, the Charles Wallace Trust in India, and The British Council. It was a 3-month fully funded residency offered to three writers from India a given year. 11 years of work with  no idea of the world, I grabbed the fellowship with no second thought. I knew that no great company would refuse me on account of this fellowship but rather value it.

I quit Avani/Ceipal in Feb 2017  and travelled all of UK, Scotland, the Netherlands, Germany, and France. This opportunity helped me understand the scope of life and the impact that I am capable of making at so many levels. I came back and started freelancing till I was sure that I will land a job with a mature organization in Mumbai and that happened in Oct 2017. I joined Zycus as a Manager in Content-Marketing role delivering to every content requirement. And now you can see that how in Zycus I have spent over a year and a few months.

I think by now you wouldn’t call this job-hopping. You see not everyone is born with a silver spoon. There are reasons why people move on, break their comfort zones, and aim to participate in an environment that facilitates an inclusive growth of the self and society. Besides my 9-6 job, I am also India’s only woman-run poetry publication house that is legally registered, but like poetry doesn’t make money, I do it to serve the purpose of being alive and being blessed to have the eye to appreciate beauty. As a poet, I would like to quote the words of Mark Strand (and if you wish to read the poem), “I move to keep things whole.