It is indeed now or never. Seize the moment to claim your digital space. Have a space? Culture practices that render your business an authoritative domain presence. Convert your legacy practices and challenge the new! 


RLFPA Editions is always interested in discovering commanding new voices in the poetry space around the world. If you have been contemplating to publicly embrace your poetics, here’s the opportunity.

Who is Linda Ashok?

Linda Ashok is a multipotentialitie. While she is a reputed Indian English poet, she is also an established digital marketing consultant and the founder of Brand Happiness® & RLFPA Editions.

With 14+ years of work experience across Banking, Financial Advisory, HR Payroll, Consulting, Retail, Supply Chain & Payroll, she has worked with Fortune 100, 500s, and SMBs.

According to Linda, smart businesses are already leveraging digital technologies in Industry 4.0. Now, businesses should also get into robust digital marketing for successful digital transformation.  

RIP to legacy Practices. Go Digital

Rip Van Winkle, a colonial Dutch American villager, falls asleep in the Catskill Mountains for twenty years in a feat to escape his nagging wife. 

Now, it is your turn to decide if you would like to sleep for 20 years whether as a creative arts practitioner or legacy technology leader. If you haven’t thought digital, like Rip, you are losing the vital years of your growth in the 20th century.

Prepare now to harness the maximum of a truly digital future dominated by IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Intelligence and many more.