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Hi! My name is Linda Ashok. For those who already know me, nice to see you around! You may directly visit my blog for the latest events of my intellectual faculty. For those who are visiting my site for the first time, a very warm welcome. 

Who am I? Enough to say a very resourceful partner to work with, a great confidant to be friends with. Other qualities include but not limited to being a poet, publisher, and digital marketing professional with over a decade’s experience.


Literally writing all my life. I picked the technicalities only 13 years ago. I provide SEO compliant, high-readability, unique content services for websites & blogs across Industry 4.0 Technologies, Digital Marketing, and Arts & Literature.

Basically, I have the language to tailor any garment for your non-profit and profit initiatives. Check my BLOG for more.

I am a certified Happiness Coach from Transformational Academy, US. I have the C-Suite communications’ experience across industries covering Big 4 enterprises and SMBs including startups.

Well-informed decision and diplomacy make impactful communication. Reach out to me for developing your communication roadmap. 

Thought leadership and impactful communication are major influencers of your brand reputation. I have profiled many successful leaders, and cheered unsung qualities that fetched a business its branding eminence. 

Because branding can break or build, and impact the lives of people and businesses, I am selective about people and organizations I work for. But when I select one, I know I am the last straw to stick.